A Mommy To Be Is Now Back !

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After several months I disappeared from the world of blogging,now I am back..Really missed my blog and other blog's friends.To those who are not tired from visiting my blog,followed me and to those who gave comments and advice to me,during my absence..Thank You Guyz!!!..

Anyway..How are you doin guyz ? Hope everything is just fine..Me ? so far,much ok by now,dont know what comes later..hehehe:).Alhamdulillah my situation is now slowly recovering from the previous month..No More Nausea,No More Dizziness Or in shortly they've called pregnancy symptoms. I have already done through a very difficult way..:(

However, I still work and my work has been reduced,Luckily,my employer was very understanding of my situation.with his status is single, of course, many do not do so on their employees.I get the job done very slowly, if dizzy or nauseous come, I will take a rest for a while then back worked again.In that way for me to pass through it for several months ago.

pink01  Should any of you who noticed the changes on this blog ,right ?..hikhik!! How's the looked guyz ? (Mintak Puji Mode).Actually, before making this entry, I've already have started blogging.But my mood is only to modify the blog..hehehe:)

Opps!!..My hand joint is now aching.Not through out the day, but most of the time.. I couldn’t tell how hurt it is,Doctor gave me some cream to put on the joint but I don’t think it help much.. Felt like nothing..huhuhu :(

But what can I do? For the sake of baby, had to bear with it..

Alright guyz,got to go for now.. I will update again soon..

There are 72 days until my due date on May 04, 2012.
Now are 208 days pregnant.
I'm in my 7th month of pregnancy. 
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  1. waaa...finally u're back dear!!i miiiiiiiissssssssssed u so much !!!

  2. hi dear!! congrats again!! happy tgk ko blog balik..
    wah.. tia lama lg tu.. uda scan ka? girl or boy?? hihi

  3. @Azeanthy Paiman Tq dear..missed you too :)

    @nowriz Thanx dear,..iya vha,tinggal berapa minggu lagi..excited and takot pun ada..hehehe..

    belum scan lagi,tak kesah ar girl or boy kan..kan..:)

  4. hey pinky mama! hehe..its been so a while...please keep on blogging ^^
    congrats for ur pregnancy & take care!!


  6. nda lama lg mau labour suda kan..sa msuk 2nd trimester sda..nsb baik teda morning sickness..cuma sakit2 badan n sgt x bmotivasi mau p keja..

  7. sis!! :)))

    akhirnya..stlah bbrp bulan mghilang..you`re back! ^^

    how`s ur baby?

    bole tau apa jntina dia..?hehe

    rehat byk2 k..^^

  8. wahh blog d tukar..nama d tukar.. hehehehe..
    sama la dgn kawan ku d tawau, 4 bulan seksa nda bole makan nda bole minum..
    muntahhh ja... masuk bulan ke 5 baru ada ok2 sikit.. kembar aaa..

    mmm.. nice mummy look oo ni blogg.. cute..



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