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Well,its been a while huh ? .. SOCSO has been actively conducting inspections to all employer's nationwide.I'm so loaded pregnant right now but,this time also work came so suddenly.But I don't have choice than have to completed the job given,that's my job anyway..huhuhu:)..

For 3 consecutive days,me together with the SOCSO file on my desk,no time to surf the Internet,what more to blog..Starting from the record of seven years ago to present,SOCSO officers directed to be examined..

Half part of my desk..

The worse part is , I must make a copy of each monthly contribution in every year (Form 8A With Bank Slip),Employees pay slip every month in every year.not including the other problems such as missed pay employee's monthly contributions, bank-in slip that has been lost and incomplete socso form.Can you imagine how busy I am? ..

Luckily,the little ones inside does not do things,not interfere with her ​​mother who is busy.remained silent all the day..:)..It seemed understand the situation of her mom.

In Sandakan, there are still many employers who have not yet registered their employees to SOCSO.. maybe the one reason why the SOCSO want to do the inspection..I think it is good also SOCSO do the inspection, let their (Employer's) face it summons for not concerned about the safety of their employees..Very stingy employer's ..SOCSO contributions only a small amount,but still can't contribute..

By this noon, I just get the job done and now just wait for tomorrow to come to SOCSO officer for do the inspection.Hopefully everything goes smoothly tomorrow.I was not able to do it back is so aching..:(.

Got to go ,till we meet again in the next entry..Chowww!!!!!
Wow! there are new comer's in our family .. Congrats to my brother for having another son..24th will come, EDD date for my another sister-in-law.A lot of sustenance(grandchildren) for my parents this year..
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  1. mst byk mngira2 ni kan sis..huhu..kalo sy, mmg @__@ suda tu...huhu..
    smoga stiasa sihat..^^ kirim salam baby dlm prut tu k...hehe

  2. nah..apa lagi dear,perah habis otak saya mengira2..hehehe..
    ....waalaikumsalam bilang si baby..(hikhikhik)


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