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Happy fasting to all my blogger friends and my all readers..Surely you're wondering, where I disappeared for how many weeks..The answer is only one.The new mother is very busy with work in the office,apart busy at home as well..huhu..Not busy-ing in gosip,busy for preparing for Eid (masih awal lagi)or etc busy tau..So a stories to be shared to you all so long been delayed..Maafkan ku saja deh :)

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Last year, I did not know I was pregnant, so I can fast full..**Yahoo*!!!..My intention this year was going too fast full too insyallah because for mothers who breast-feeding, period come is late..Some menstrual period come when the baby is a year old already.I've completed my Nifas on the day of 59.Its good also menstruation delayed,so the risk to become pregnant in controlled...jejeje..:)

Is not that I don't wanna get pregnant anymore,,,sabar sabar la vha,experience in operating room & those pain during the birth day, until now not fully recovered yet..tau..We want to give enough love and full attention first to Baby Aril..:)

This weekend,surely many of you went out to break fast with friends,family or relatives and so on..Today we will go to my aunt-in-law house for fast breaking together..weeeee!!!

How about you guyz,? what is your today's menu for break fast ?..(",)

Till here..Happy Fasting everyone and have a wonderful fasting weekend!!!!

Sharing The Love :)

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