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Time passed away so quickly..Now is the last month of the years of 2014..Next month we will welcoming another new year.Sometimes the truth hurts and is hard to accept that we getting older…hurmmm..

Ok..back to main topic,I have 3 special peoples in my life will celebrate their birthday this month..They’re my dearest Mom,Brother & and my sister.

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pink01My sister, celebrates her 21th birth yesterday, which is on 15 December..In my siblings, just three of us were sister.and she is the younger one.Despite one of my other sister, she still the one that I can rely on,Even though we argue, yell , irritate each other..Happy Birthday my sweetest sister!

My sissy

May you be blessed with many children and become a righteous wife also a great Mother of your children someday.May your days be happier future and a hope. While there is little resistance suppose it was just an attempt to strengthen your faith .May you.. Hope all good with you.
pink02Today is 16 December,exactly my Brother’s 29th birthday..Wah!! 1 more to go to 30’s Bro...I have no idea how it happened but my brother turned into a man.I’m not speaking of his age, but his character..Now he’s became a father of his 3 children.Your birthday reminds me of our childhood memories from years ago. Together we enjoyed a happy childhood.
Happy Birthday to my mother’s second great gift! ….Happy birthday to my beloved brother!

Brother wit his son

May you live long to contribute more for Islam and May Allah S.W.T bless you well with comforts of this world in this life and with the comforts of here after after this world... best wishes for you and your family.
pink03Last but not least is my mom..This was the year of my mother's 50th birthday on 23th December,Mom I want to thank you for all this years you raised me.I really appreciate it and admire you.

You’re an amazing person and my heart is filled with warmth when I thinking of you.

In every smile, every tear and every cheer you were always there for me through the years supporting me and providing me with all the energy I needed in order to stand in the game called life.
Happy Birthday Mom and thank you for everything! ..

My mom with my son

May Allah S.W.T grant you better health,awarded longevity,sustenance,given the well-being and tranquility, relieved of all pain and always at the mercy and protection of Allah Ta'ala in this world and hereafter.
Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin ...
Fuh! I am in tears as I type this..hehehe.. I know it's a long post ..K Da..
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