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This morning I woke up an early,then I Felt to check my email,and I saw an email from one of my friend.In that letter she's expressed about her discontent on his fiancee as been cheating with her after 3 years of a relationship and soon to be married within the next two month this year.Felt sorry for her,hope she can treats all that happened to her only trials of life given by the Almighty to her.

I heard kind this of stories,am sad actually.Because I also had pass through on this situation long time ago (Masa masih bujang lah) I knew the feelings,sadness,angerness,regretness and feeling unappreciated of someone we love truly.The pain was very sore..And am sure they who had ever experienced will know how sick when we found out that He/She love ones have been CHEATING on them..

Well,since I have been through it many I can learned it from my past mistakes to know whether my man was cheating on me or not..So it is not wrong if I also want my female readers and friends out there to take steps to know it too.Who knows it may help kan..(Taklah kita kaum wanita looks so fool).

Below Are some useful Tips He's Cheating On You..

You get that gut feeling that tells you he's cheating on you.Things just aren't adding up.You all of sudden feel the need to go through his belongings almost expecting to find something.

When You Asking A Question,He's Very Defensive

He might even be mad at you to throw you out or spunks you at once.Woman : "Abang pegi mana,sehari suntuk tak call?" Man :"Awak ni banyak soal lah,nak kena penampar ni!!,"..He is hoping that will put your thoughts of infidelity to rest if you are afraid to ask about it.

His Stories That's Not Make Any Sense

He will make-up a stories in that time to cover -up his deceitful for being cheating on you.He will sometimes forget what had He said 3 days ago.So make a mental note and ask again casually in 3 days.If He did cheat,he will be desperate trying hard to recall back what had he said to you before.Woman : " Aik!,sayang cakap hari tu,sepupu,skang cakap kawan lama plak..mana satu betul ni?".Man : " ahh...ehhh...iya vha pula kan,lupa sudah aku sayang.."

Feeling That Dis-connected Feeling Within Your Relationship

This is usually the same when your mate is having an affair. Many times there is a deeper problem in the relationship that would need to be fixed anyhow if you are to truly be happy. Although you are not to blame for someone stepping out on a relationship, infidelity is usually a symptom of a deeper problem.

You Discover E-mail Accounts That You Didn’t Know Existed

One day,you found some e-mail that look dubious on his account.Then you may ask that he gives you to access his email but he will refuses you to do so.Woman : " Bang,sapa punyer email ni,ndak penah nampak pun sebelum ni,bagi saya password kunuk".Man : " Oh itu,email si Anu vha tue sayang,ndak juak ko kanal,kawan lama aku dulu.takda guna juak ko check".He's not stupid! Is he?

Never Inviting You To Any Social Activities

He doesn't invite you around his friends, company events,party  and other social activities.Why He doing that?Is he cheating at work? Man : " Sayang , abang ada jamuan malam ni kat Pejabat,khas hanya untuk staff jew. ".

Unusual Mood Swings

These are one of many signs of cheating men that is caused by the internal conflict and struggle that you man is going through during his time of infidelity.

Improvements In wardrobe Or personal appearance

Is he previously wore the simple style only?But now he started buy clothes that are styled like artist wear?Always looking smart when went out or something.Once rarely wear perfume but now spray perfume all over to his body.Have begun to concerned to his body health.beware of this!! (Just what is he using those abdominals for?) These are all signs that someone besides you is wrapping her hands around those love handles..Man : "sayang,abang nak pegi gym dulu,perut dah boroi ni" .

Intimate Relationship Has Changed
(For Spouse Only)

This was shared by my aunt who was married for over 30 years.
 "If you remember one thing, remember that if your husband is use to having sex 3 times a day, it should never fall below 3 times.It can be more sometimes but never less".(If he continues doing this).If your husband's sexual appetite has flaws as before,beware he may desire to switch to other woman.(So far,my hubby maintain jew :))..but still I should to paid more attention to his actions.

Is it all men…or only some? And most important, what about yours?
Men had this sign covered. The problem is that many men will have a few signs covered, but there are just too many to hide. Pay attention to the signs to discover whether or not your man is cheating. And if you find out that he is (I’m sorry), discover how to confront a cheating spouse.Find the mistake that have been done thus making your partner cheating.

Men Fall into several categories.Some of them cheated for some reasons also due to their own partners.There is also a men that who never satisfied on one woman.If possible,all the woman in this world he wished to have.And there's a men who like to show-off to his friends that they are able to having a more women.For them women is just a like stuff toys that can be collected.Discarded when they are bored.

Why are these men cheats?We will continue on my next entry..Ok guys...
Till here am signing-off..

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  1. macam mana nak cari yang x tipu kita?

  2. @Muhammad Hanif Bin Ahmad

    No need to look for them ... quite simply keep a few things like Stay your identity,for being you are that made her/him to love you as before,Stay loving,Show Each Other (And Other People) Your Love for Each Other and some of respect.

    I believe your best option is to discover how to love the same person for the rest of your life in a relationship that excites you, turns you on, fires you up with passion, and generally makes your heart sing!.

  3. Great blog man, had very important content that I can relate to :)


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