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Package what I mean is a new broadband package called Wimax broadband. Broadband, which service before available in East Malaysia only, and now that has arrived in Sandakan.Just because this package has just introduced or still new in Sandakan, so the coverage is limited for certain area.You can check your area on your own by click HERE.

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Prices are offered as low as RM 50 only , with contract or without contract..Its your choice to choose depends on your preference.

 Image below shows the existing package

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WiMAX is under REDtone, in addition to Malaysia,REDtone operates in China as well.REDtone was listed on the Malaysian Exchange Of Securities Dealing & Automated Quotation (MESDAQ), now known as ACE Market, in January 2004.REDtone offers high speed Internet services, data solutions and discounted Voice over IP (VoIP) services. The company, known for its in-house R&D capabilities and home-grown technological innovations, has won many Awards & Recognition in Malaysia and abroad such as Alternative Voice Service Provider of the Year,Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500 ,Best Pacific ICT Awards,Best of Communication Applications,PIKOM-COMPUTIMES"Best IT System" and many more.

During PC Fair a few days ago,me and other staff was promoted this package,and we made promotions only pay for  RM100 deposit, can get “ 4GB Thumb Pendrive for FREE

Actually, I have tried myself this new broadband speeds, its totally one step ahead compared to other broadband,because WiMAX it uses a 4G technology ,while existing broadband only use 3G.Wimax broadband as well as have its own  privilege, as we have been using the quota allowed for the package that we subscribe to,no more other charges will be included in your bill,only at the speed of the package only be reduced and will be back to normal after payment.Unlike other broadband, there will be a further hidden charges on bill.And the most I like about WiMax, is provided download limit of 8GB per month as 512kbps speed.The most obvious difference compared to other broadband offering only 1.5 GB to 5GB.So profits, cheap, and worth it using this broadband.

For those who are in the coverage area, hurry switch to the new Broadband lol,.and For those are not,a lot of patience to your existing broadband..hahahaha!!!

Any Further Details Click HERE or just contact me :)

Well,that’s all for now..hope you enjoy reading this..Till next chowwwwwww!!!
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  1. I think Sandakan is the 2nd town which has this WiMAX coverage, isn't it? The quota is awesome. My Celcom Advance just lost that one. Can't wait for current giant telco come to provide 4G speed technology. lol

    In Sabah,it is true .. Insyallah,coverage area will be provided much more in the coming year,..

    Indeed, Celcom is also good,but that is all about quota given a slightly less..

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  4. i polow...da ble polow da..=)

  5. @boy VIP
    Tq boy..already follow you back..:)


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