Based On True Story - Think Wisely Before Act

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A poor single mothers Siu lan with her daughter 7 years old namely Lie Mei.Poverty makes Lie Mei to help her mother sell cakes on the market. Because of poor Lie Mei never ask and get pamper-up with her mother.In the winter, When cake has been completed made,Siu Lan saw her basket cake was damaged and Siu Lan remind Lie Mei to wait at home because she wanted to buy a new basket.

Upon returning from bought a basket of cakes, Siu Lan did not find Lie Mei at home.Siu Lan is very angry. Her daughter really did not know that life is difficult but still want to play, and she was ordered to wait at home.

Siu Lan finally decided to go alone to selling cakes and as a punishment for her daughter, she locked the door from the outside to Lie Mei can not enter the house.Her daughter must be given education, she thought, exasperated.

Back from selling cakes, Siu Lan find Lie Mei, the little girl was lying on the doorstep.Siu Lan,ran to embrace Mei Lie freezes and no longer breathing.Siu Lan screams thus break the frozen snow that time.She was weeping wailing, but in Mei Lie still not moving.Immediately Siu Lan lifted May Lie into the house. Siu Lan shook the frozen body of her little girl while shouting the name of Lie Mei.

Suddenly a small bundle fell from the hands of Lie Mei. Siu Lan took the little parcel and opened it.Its contents is a small Biscuit that was wrapped in worn and fine print that there is a paper written by Lie Mei that dirty but readable.On paper it is written like this

 "Mama would not forget today are special day for Mama, I bought this little Biscuit as a gifts for mama, I dont have enough money to buy a large Biscuits ... Mama happy birthday."
REAL STORY was published in the daily * Xia Wen Pao-China, year 2007.

Moral of the story:

* Negative thinking: it can cause a lifetime of regret.

* Think Positive: think wisely before act, do not regret it later on.

* Emotion is the speed of the tongue to work compared with the mind

This story was emailed to me by Abang Anime ( Old Chat Friend Since 2006 )..Thanks Abang..
P/S: We are always act to follow our emotion ..hmmm ..A lesson for us !
Sharing The Love :)


  1. uwaaaa... sedihnya ni cerita... kesian si lie mei.. ini pengingatan buat sy juga.. kadang2 sy x boleh control anger sy bila marah adik2 sy.. huhu

  2. @nowriz

    Yelor..saya pun sampai nanges baca email ni kejap tadi ..(Emosional kan)..uwaaaaa!!!

    share buat pengajaran untuk kita semua..:)

  3. Owwww, my heart breaks. So sad.

    Mummies out there, please don't have negative thoughts on your children.

  4. i really need to think b4 act...huhuhu.....

  5. @SimplySeoul Really breaks the heart..for the mothers out there, do not act hastily.

    @Akue Achik is necessary dear.. children are not always wrong, and the mother is not necessarily correct.

  6. Jangan lah negatif positif is better :) fikir sebelum buat..

  7. @Elih Japahar betul. . .betul. . .mesti Siu Lan menyesal seumur hidup.sampai hati tinggalkan Lie Mei di luar rumah. .:-(


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