How To Vanish Bad Breath When Fasting

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Halitosis or bad breath is an extremely embarrassing condition.This question is often a question most people who are fasting. For some people bad breath is quite disturbing their daily activities. Especially when it comes to talking close to the speaker, you certainly do not want to make it less convenient, right?

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Bad breath odor is caused because of the many bacteria that lodged in the mouth. These bacteria are comfortable being there because the mouth is left dry for hours without any food or beverage intake. In fasting conditions,saliva production was reduced,and so accumulate bacteria.In addition bad breath or halitosis is also due to be in an empty stomach for a long time,thus stimulating the emergence of the less savory aroma.

However, fasting is obligatory worship we should fulfill. For that you can try some tricks to keep it running fast and bad breath are reluctant to survive.

pink01  Ablution

Ablution is one way to maintain oral health when we are fasting. Rinse when washing is allowed, provided not in a way that could invalidate the fasting. In other words, we are also encouraged to diligently performing religious prayers. In addition to maintaining cleanliness of body and mouth, pray also maintain the cleanliness of mind.

pink01  Avoid Smelly Foods

When breaking the fast or Sahur, should serve fiber-rich foods that do not cause odor, such as jengkol, petai, garlic, and durian. The menu will actually exacerbate bad breath.

pink01  Brush Your Tongue When Brushing Teeth

Generally people ignore their tongue while brushing their teeth. Tongue is a fine room for the plaque and bacteria to take refuge in. It is important to remember to brush your tongue when you brush your teeth. The tongue is quite similar to a lint catcher and it should be scrubbed often to get a nice aroma. Brushing and scraping the tongue with tongue scrapers is essential to scrape off the bacteria from the tongue.

pink01  Drinking Enough Plenty Of Water

Despite fasting, the body must not lose fluid. It is advisable to consume 4 cups of water when breaking and 4 cups of water at Sahur in order to keep the water needs sufficient.

pink01  Brushing Your Teeth Regularly

Although drowsiness attacking after breaking fasting, avoid sleeping habits continue straight. Brush teeth and gargle for the rest of the food does not trigger excessive bacterial growth in the mouth.

pink01  Check The Condition Of Dental Health

Bad breath can also be caused by tooth decay, presence of plaque / tartar or damaged teeth. For that, go to the dentist after breaking, so that oral and dental health conditions stay awake during fasting.

From Abu Hurairah r.a., the Prophet. Said, "The smell of the fasting person's mouth at the sight of Allah S.W.T is more favored by Allah S.W.T than oil kasturi"

On the day of Judgement, when the man raised from the grave, the characteristics of the fasting person is the fragrance that will come out of their mouths, whose fragrance oil fragrance of kasturi exceeded. Happy fasting with your family..

Have lots of talk during fasting, the silence is also one of the factors of halitosis or bad breath.
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  1. ya.. ni bau nafas time puasa tidak dapat dielak.. lepas sahur ja.. harus terus berus gigi, berus lidah & kumur2 listerine.. ;)

    nice tips dear..

  2. tidak bole alak ba tu dear...kalau utk pahala x apa ba tu..semua yg fasting mst got that smelly mouth/breathe...

    p/s : mo tanya ba..knapa aa, sy sudah update entries tapi feed saya masih entry yg 1 day ago..mcmna mo buat tu dear?

  3. @nowriz Memang itu lah yang harus kita buat kan dear :) walaupun tidak hilang 100% at least kurang sikit..hehe:)

    @Dida LiciouS True indeed dear..memang tak boleh nak elak..tapi kita amalkan juga bukan hanya di bulan puasa,juga di bulan yang lainnya..:)

    P/S : samalah kita dear,saya pun tengah research lagi apa masalah dengan feed sekarang Fadzmie macam tahu lah,jom tanya dia..


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