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Dates shown to help restore power bland,lots of blood loss,build muscle strength and overall intimate, to build an intelligent mind as well.Building Peace of emotions.Scientific research proves that the content of the material in the palms able to build peace or tranquility of emotional feelings.It comes from the mainland around the Persian Gulf. The trees can reach 15-25 feet high.

Its a big lost to muslim people if only practicing eat dates in the month of Ramadan only.

From Salman Ibn 'Aamir, The Messenger Sallallahu' Alaihi Wasallam said: "If one of you want to break their fast, then break fast with dates, as dates of the blessing, if not then with water because the water is clean and pure." (Reported by Abu Dawud and At Tirmidhi)

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Dates appear in different moments of Ramadan break fast menu, some are sweets, some processed into cake, while others mixed with ice cream. Hmm ... they all so delicious. Latin name of the food is rich in Phoenix dactylifera nutrients, including carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamin C, manganese, water, and a less fat.

Spread all over the Middle East, dates quickly become a popular crop because of the uniqueness of the fruit. Grown in various regions, dates and adapt appropriate district in which it grows. The emergence of many varieties, some of which are popular among the following:

pink01  Ajwah

Dates are grown in the city of Medina, Saudi Arabia. Dates are a popular and reportedly a favorite of the Prophet Muhammad.The most expensive among dates.

pink01  Amir Hajj or Hajj Amer

Dates from Iraq. Skin and soft flesh, but thick. Also known as 'welcome dates' because, in general served to welcome guests.

pink01  Barhee or Barhi

Dates of this type of light brown color, and color of it skin turns darker when the fruit ripe. Flesh soft, thick and sweetened sour variety. Often dates Barhee dried like raisins.

pink01  Deglet Noor

As the name suggests, these dates bright golden yellow like the sun. This is a high yielding varieties of dates and famous in Libya, Algeria, USA and Tunisia. Served not too dry and not too sweet taste.

pink01  Derrie or Dayri

These dates come from the South of Iraq. Slightly different from most of the dates, forms a long, dark and soft.

pink01  Empress

Dates are cultivated in California, USA. Large size, tender and sweeter than the dates Thoory (original seeds). The top of these dates lighter colored, and dark at the bottom.

pink01  Holwah or Halawi

In Arabic, it means Holwah sweet. Similarly, the dates are very sweet flavor, the sweetness than the dates in general. Its size varies, but generally small to medium sized.

pink01  Hayany

Dates are derived from Egypt. This Kurma blackish red color,is quite sweet and gentle.

pink01  Khadrawy

In Arabic, it means Khadrawy green. Khadrawy Named because it is planted in a fertile and green areas. While the fruit itself kurmanya solid black.

pink01  Khalasah

These dates are one of the most popular dates in Saudi Arabia. Sweetness of dates is very typical, not too sweet and delicious on the tongue.

pink01  Khastawi or Kustawy

Is the number one soft palm in Iraq. In general, these dates processed into syrup and packaged in small bottles and is often served as dessert.

pink01  Maktoom

The size is large, red-brown color, flesh very thick and soft, not too sweet taste.

pink01  Medjool or Mujhoolah

Is the date palm varieties developed in Morocco, but later also developed in the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. The size of the palm is quite large and very sweet taste.

pink01  Migraf

Dates are very popular in South Yemen. The size is very large compared to other dates, golden yellow color. 

pink01  Mozafati

Dates are developed in this area a dark color, soft and its size is. Dates of this type of long-lasting shelf life, so no need to run out a meal. When stored at temperatures -5 degrees Celsius, these dates can last up to 2 years you know.

pink01  Rotab

Dates are coming from Iran. The color is very dark and soft flesh.

pink01  Saidy

Is a popular palm in Libya. Dates are very sweet taste and tender flesh.

pink01  Sayer or Sayir

These dates brownish orange color, size medium, the meat is very tender and juicy.

pink01  Sekkeri

Dates include dates of this type are expensive. The color is dark brown, sweet and soft flesh unique and special. Dates are often found in Saudi Arabia.

pink01  Thoory or Thuri

Very popular in Algeria, where the dates of this type of dried fruit. The color is reddish brown and wrinkled skin. Sometimes so wizened these dates a little bit hard, sweet and almost like a peanut.

pink01  Umelkhashab

Dates from Saudi Arabia is the color red and a little bitterness there. Unique!

pink01  Zahidi

The size is medium golden brown. Dates include a very sweet and somewhat dry.

pink01  Zaghloul

These dates form a long, dark red color and very sweet until after eating the sweet and still remaining. Varieties include the exclusive and expensive in Egypt. Only certain people who usually eat them.

Actually there are still 1400 types of dates around the world such as Aabel, Al Barakah, Khajur, Iteema, Kenta, Rotab, Manakbir, Nabtat-seyf, Sag'ai, Tagyat, Sellaj, and much more. If you're still curious, come to shop and enjoy the unique taste of dates and varieties of this fruit.
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  7. i see, i know there are various types of dates..i can see them via their shapes but i never know their names..hehe ^^

  8. Hi! It was my first time to taste dates just last week when a family friend came from KSA. It tastes great!


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