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PINK trailer has really grabbed my attention,the titled had me intrigued,(Mentang² lah pink is warna kesukaan I) Especially, the main cast was my favorite veterans actor since I was kid until now. Trailer reflects moral of today's social life,not only in India, but it happen to all country even Malaysia.

Trailer Click Here

GenreDrama, ThrillerDuration2 Hours & 16 Minutes
Director Aniruddha Roy ChowdhuryIMDb8.8/10
Release 16 September 2016,id,ip,ipbits,ipbypass,itag,mm,mn,ms,mv,nh,pl,requiressl,source,ttl&signature=7695A83EBF61AACFE20CBF803A1294FCBDB7A4DE.34537E665A09E6522A4FC0E1DAB1ECE142DAECB0&key=cms1&pl=24&mime=video/mp4&title=%5B360p%5D%20LK21.TV%20Pink%20(2016)&cache=IDX&req_id=43db222d3bc6a3ee&redirect_counter=2&cms_redirect=yes&ipbypass=yes&mm=30&mn=sn-30a7dne6&ms=nxu&mt=1478332292&mv=m&nh=IgpwcjAyLmt1bDA2Kg03Mi4xNC4yMDMuMTg1
CastAmitabh Bachchan, Andrea Tariang,Kirti Kulhari, Tapsee Pannu

It's all about courtroom drama , that fights for women's rights and dignity.Revolves around how Deepak fights and win the three young girl's are implicated in a crime.Deepak Sehgal under medication from bipolar disorder,is a retired lawyer steps forward to help them clear their names against the influential boys.He represents the girls in the court as their defence counsel despite a neighbour of the girls and he witnesses their troubles.

From Left : Falak,Minal,Deepak & Andrea

Started with the 3 girls,Minal,Falak & Andrea are working professional in their respective fields and lived together.Then one night,after a rock concerts they accept a dinner invitation from a Rajvir is known to Minal through his common friend,who is the nephew of a powerful politician to a resort in Surajkund.

Pada awal tayangan,kelihatan the boys are panicked as one of their friend Rajvir is bleeding on his eyes akibat dari hentakan botol arak,& the girls looks frightened and worried . From that, I've assuming,Those girl's are the reason why the boy is bleeding.Tak sabar nak tengok the ending is..hahaha!!

Rupanya that damn Rajvir,tries to rape Minal,setelah dia dan 2 rakannya sepakat untuk memisahkan ketiga-tiga girls untuk melaksanakan their bad intention towards the girls.Dasar jantan sial.Rajvir get he deserve for what he did,padan muka pulak yang emosi ba ­čśů.

Yang pasti nya,a powerful man,using his powerful contacts to seeking revenge.Rajvir & his friends cuba untuk menghalau mereka keluar dari apartment dengan menghubungi dan mengugut Tuan rumah,melemparkan tuduhan demi tuduhan ke atas mereka.Mujurlah tuan rumah nya baik hati,dan tak sewenang-wenang percaya apa yang Rajvir dan rakan² nya katakan.

Tidak berjaya dengan pelan pertama mereka,Rajvir tidak berputus asa,dan memikirkan pelan seterusnya untuk membalas dendam.Mengekori Andrea,semasa bertemu dengan teman nya,meng-viral gambar half-naked Falak dengan caption seolah-olah ianya menjual diri dan menculik Minal semasa balik dari berjogging.Minal is even molested by Rajvir's friend in a moving car.Macam sial tue si Dumpy,meraba sana dibawah.ngam betul kenak sulah tu pantatnya...I'm grrrrrr betul sama dia!.

Dumb Dumpy and his ber-Trep friend

Sarla Ji

Luckily,Minal dilepaskan juga,walaupun kena kurik,but at least tak kena gang rape..But still,boleh traumatized any girls yang mengalaminya.Akhirnya,the girl's forced make a lodged to police for Rajvir wrong doings and threatening them.(patutnya dorang pergi buat report awal² lagi).However,when the powerful man, contacts his powerful gang,they can make your life into upside down easily.

The most hated character is the one who is arresting Minal,the officer was a woman, Sarla ji. Boleh² nya dia,sanggup di rasuah dan menindas kaum sendiri,patutnya dia siasat terlebih dahulu malah membela mereka.Ini tak,..mau jak ku hantak muka nya ke dinding lokap tue (uyy berani plak kan)..Bikin sakit hati.She managed,made us,really want to eat her alive..kilaku ,macam zombie hahaha!!..And the most part I love,when Mr.Deepak,proved her wrong,looked at her guilt faces,for sure a nightmares for the rest of her life. sapa suruh kau jahat sangat..

Apa kau rasa oren?

Overall,the film loaded with suspense and intense.Mr Bachchan never let down his fan on his role walaupun agak silenced, mungkin kerana beliau sudah berumur, tapi dengan hujahan Mr Deepak sampai terbeliak mata juga, pasti nya tak kan buat anda rasa mengantuk pun.

Rajvir shows his true color

Salute You Sir

The girls played their roles splendidly.Excellent movie with a social message.This film has potential of becoming the next hit of the year.The visually describe the said incident, will show at the end of the film pastikan anda menonton nya sampai habis.

Waiting for keputusan

They win the battle

If you haven't watched this movie , I highly recommend it. And oh yeah, you might watch it straight ,because tiada iklan ber-guling² tau.  Enjoy!

This article is purely based on my experience, so instead of the raw prescription how to write Movie review are correct, yet everybody has an opinion and it's own way.

P:S - I DO NOT OWN Any of the films contained on this blog unless stated otherwise,and I just paste these links which is found on internet.

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