10 Types Of Women To Avoid When Dating

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I've already written about the 10 types of men you don't want to date, so I think it's only fair that I cover the women too. These women cliches will easily make dating hell for you, with their shallowness, insecurities and otherwise clingy qualities. We've all got baggage and craziness underneath our calm exteriors, but some chicks take it a little far. You'd best look out for these, for your own sanity.

Thanx to Riswan Manap for the idea!

Here are the top 10 women to avoid dating:

1) Miss Gold Digger

   ✿ Obvious, but this can go deeper than you realize. Once she thinks you're worth something, she may stop doing anything including work and school because she thinks she's got it made. She'll steal your car if it's nicer than hers and will even put her bikini waxes on your credit card (awkward!).

2) Miss Cling-On

    ✿ She has an obsessive need to be chummy with all your friends, she shows up at your poker games with cucumber sandwiches, and whines if it's been 2 hours since she's seen you. Somehow she finds out about your golf games and just shows up on the green (to the horror of your friends). You know you've got a Cling-On when she's even willing to sit through a 16 hour Star Trek marathon to be next to you.

3) Miss "Loose"

    ✿ Also known as Party Girl (see reality television). She cheats on you when she's drunk and claims it doesn't count. Most nights end with her puking on your Vans, and it takes about 4 dates to realize this chick needs rehab (or Bret Michaels). She's usually wearing 20 pounds of makeup on her face and the lowest cut shirt you've ever seen--that's how she sucks you in!

4) Miss Crazy Moody

   ✿ Every day, she accuses you of something new, whether it's cheating, not caring enough or forgetting to tell her how pretty she is. She gets crazy jealous even when you glance at the elderly woman in front of you at the bank, and her moods range from insanely happy to insanely depressed...in a 45 minute period.

5) Miss Desperate

    ✿ This one NEEDS a boyfriend so bad that she's willing to put anybody in that slot, even the homeless dude on the corner. She aims to please, but in the way that she doesn't have her own personality...for fear of losing you. If you threaten to dump her, she'll either sob for hours and beg, or she'll name off all her guy friends who want to date her, just to make herself feel better.

6) Miss Insecure 

     ✿ If you're not dating on Miss Insecure every minute, she thinks you don't like her anymore. She'll tell you she loves you 6 times each day and needs to hear it over and over again from you, otherwise it'll end in tears. Her constant need for reassurance makes you want to stab your own eyes.

7) Miss TMI

    ✿ She treats you like her best friend Carly, and therefore will sit on the phone with you for a zillion hours, telling you every single solitary detail about her day. This includes what she had to eat, everything she bought at the mall, her PMS status, her theory on eyelash curlers, why she needs to lose 5 pounds, and it's around that point that you went to the kitchen and made yourself a sandwich. If she understood men any less, she'd be an alien life form.

8) Miss Tease

    ✿ The worst part about her is not that she doesn't put out, but that she acts like she will and then doesn't. She's possibly the least real of the bunch, and her whole goal is to mess with guys to build up her self esteem and feel wanted. Don't mistake her for girls who won't sleep with you and tell you that straight up.

9) Miss Really Independent

     ✿ Unlike Kelly Clarkson, this girl will never let a guy do anything for her and always wants to be in charge. She takes female empowerment way too far and gets offended if you open a door or be nice to her. Other women hate Miss Really Independent for ruining male chivalry for the rest of us.

10) Miss Romcom

      ✿ She's saving herself for Prince Charming, and wants her life to look like Taylor Swift's "Love Story" music video. She's wholly unrealistic in everything she wants and you doubt she's even ever dated before. If you don't show up in tights with a single rose on your first date, she has a cow.

So guys out there, be very careful in choosing a partner. Accurate background first,that woman you were pleased. Hope this info can help you.
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