Looking For 10 Most Beautiful Blog Bloggers Choice 2011

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Pencarian 10 Blog Tercantik Pilihan Blogger 2011

This morning I made a blogwalking.Then I saw a topic that has caught my attention.The Title is "Pencarian 10 Blog Tercantik Pilihan Bloggers 2011 ".Actually this is the 1st contest I had joined ever since my blog created..hehe:).My blog's viewer have said my blog was interesting..(Nak tembirang sikit jak).

Below are few comment some of my blogger's Friends;

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This entry was feeling ok for me.And I was thought,I would like to join this activity.Anyhow,I have read the criteria required to join this and I think had the qualification to join kot..hehe:)..

Come on guys,nothin's wrong if I join it even though my blog were not chosen well it just ok for me..Its not a big deal anyway.Beside I join just for fun lol. So I dont think its wrong to try,right?

So no more wasting time,let us see and read what are the requirement about this activity.Perhaps some of you who feel like joining as well.

Requirement Are show follow;

1.Create an Entry Pencarian 10 Blog Tercantik Pilihan Blto invite your blog's friends to vote.
2.Put the link comment HERE
3.Become 2daysBlogger Blog's Follower.

Closing Date

The closing date is February 28, 2011.
Election Date

First Votes 1/3/2011 - 8/3/2011 (rated for participants)
Second Value 03/10/2011-03/17/2011 (Cost to the top 20)

Announcement Date:

10 winners will be announced on 20/3/2011 at 9 pm on most highly rated. (rated first + second votes)

Hopefully my blog entitled in this activity.Hope too for all my blog's friends,Bloggers,Gengblogger,stalker,blogwalking, Anno Users and all the viewer to vote for me when my blog eligible later..(ish..ndak malu pula..)

Till here am signing-off..Have A Nice Weekend To All Of You!!!

Sharing The Love :)


  1. @Kasim Ahmad
    Thanx Kasim for the positive comment..

    Thanx for following me as well..

  2. alangkah bagusnya kalu saya boleh tulis artikel lam bahasa english mcm awk ini..terbaiklah

    Thank coz join my activity sis =)

  3. @Faisal

    Hehe..thanx & Welcome Bro..

    I prefer in English,cause am not very well on Malay..huhu(bikin pening pala readers t)

  4. good luck yunk!!blog ni mmg cantik :)

  5. semadd nii blog jujs :))) VOTE poe kak khaty ~

  6. i vote pink diva for most beautiful among others...hehe

  7. hai.good luck untuk contest tu ye.:)

  8. Gud luck for the contest..

  9. Assalamualaikum...

    Saya ingin memaklumkan bahawa undian Pencarian 10 blog tercantik 2011 telah bermula sehingga 10 Mac 2011..untuk maklumat lanjut sila ke:-

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    Salam Ukhwah Daripada Faisal Abdullah

  10. Thanx for all those had wishes .. voted as well..



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