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Feels like a a long time since i update my entry..It just last 2 days I was lazy to write..Unexpected things has happened and subsequently made my mood-off..:(..(I dont want to talk about it).

Entri today I want to share to you all Types of blogosphere that I hate to visit when am doing blogwalking..When I visited some blog's,I found all sorts of widgets in the blog..Normally the blog's Owner will try to make their blog looks wonderful and amazing when the viewers comes to look around.(Am the one of the owner's..but not now anymore..hikhik!!).Widgets such as like Widgeo,AutoMusic Players and many more to mention..


Widgets that I mostly hated.Because when the time I click any of link on that blog (on mouse) it will appears an ADs promoting on another tab.Imagine if I click 5 links in one time,of it also to appears.Does not it can made us like to mad if that kind of things happened?..Even if want to know how many bloggers that had visited our blog,there ara many more widgets that we can use other than WIDGEO,right?..


I really love to heard music,no matter what I did either while sleeping,reading,cooking,cleaning the house,surf the internet and during office hours anywhere and everywhere.
So anytime I visited a blog that played Auto and No STOP button provided that will comes out unpleasant music to hear..music will be mixed up and ruined the sound..So sakit hati tau..Plz lah next time prepared the STOP button ok,.


Oh come on guyz ! ! Isn't your eyes hurt when viewing to a blog that  topsy-torvy looking.Is not that i want to critize such blogs.(Blog saya pun tak santik juga vha),I dont want anyone here to be offended.I'm just stating what is true only.Actually a pretty blog template is not in its beauty,But in neat and orderly arrangement of the blog other than viewable entry,such widgets and etc..Example take a look above picture and imagine the picture that is your blog..(tak ke kacau balau?).Some people said beauty and the cleanliness of the blog is an interpretation of the character of actual owner of the blog as well.Be aware of your secret admired will come passes by on your blog and say " Ish,berselerak jew blog ni,ntah2 sikap dia pun mcm ni agaknya"and they will assess your character from the appearance of the blog.I bet you dont want it to happen right?So neatly with the best arrangement of your blog..


Hah! the another things I hate .If I did blogwalking and I saw an interesting entry,I will leave comment.If dont ,I just leave traces on shoutbox or whatever had provided there(Jika ada).I dont want their comments as well, even if they dont like the post I wrote.But at least leave a traces or short message just to say HI have enough.What I am trying to say here is the event which have been repeatedly I did,the comments never been responded..(kedekut nak mampus pula).Surely I would not viewing that blog again and blacklist the URL at once.


This method are very annoying to me.Required to viewer to put the word verification or in other word those troublesome captcha when to comments.Sometimes,captcha given is case of sensitive.If a letter is mislaid,we must repeat it once again and again until we succeed.This process cause a viewer wasting so much time just to leave a comments.Afraid of ANNO ? a common thing and can be removed if you do not like it.So why you should troubling your viewer on this?make it simple and easy ok..

Well at this moment,so far only this thing that i don't like when am doing blogwalking..Soon or later,perhaps in the future I'll added some more...

Till here am signing off..Have a nice day!!
Sharing The Love :)


  1. hi Sis..salam singgah sini..memang ada kebenarannya....dinaz ambil utk kebaikan blog dinaz..TQ.

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