7 Ways How Sex Makes You Looks Curvaceous And Charming

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Let’s talk about sex this time,talk about you and me and everyone else out there who benefit from having sex in ways we don’t even aware it.Hope you do not have the wrong impression of this entry.And young adults out there do not do even try this way.Entries are wanted me to share with those who have a license ONLY.Actually I recommended it for those are Legally married couples..But today, sex has become a trend in youth,huhu so sad...:( Words Sex will attract the attention of readers when to see or read it.

However,Let's us talk about all the good things are possible, especially when it comes to beauty on how sex can make us look younger and potentially more interesting.For Women,this is very important..Yes! .. After getting the first climax, not only we feel happier and healthier after a session of lovemaking,but we might even look good,too.

Here I list 7 Ways on How SEX can makes you look better.

1. Skin Tight and Bright

When we orgasm, or sometimes even when we kiss and get touchy-feely with the couple, our brain releases a hormone rush, among other things, deliver increased production of collagen that makes skin look fresh and firm, rather than loose and dull.

2. Less Wrinkles and Age and Sun Spots

A majority of the hormones that come into play during sex, including serotonin, dopamine, prolactin, and oxytocin (cuddle hormone)-is responsible for feelings of pleasure and relaxation are often the decision on this, and help prevent wrinkles by reducing stress levels. Sex hormones also release the rapid growth of cell regeneration and helps heal existing damage from the sun, air pollution, and so forth.

3. Rosy Glow And Pouting lips

Besides hormonal surge, blood circulation is another reason to have sex supplying so many beauty benefits. Heart pumps blood more quickly because all the excitement and shortness of breath, which means that blood moves more efficiently through the body. Because travel is so fast and so close to the skin, the lips will give you a little fat and a healthy flush.

4. Softer Skin To Touched

Another thing is to increase blood circulation transport moisture to the skin more quickly, so oh so soft. Since the dry, scaly skin can be cracked and the weather, has smooth skin can shave years from your appearance, too.

5. Less Acne

Sex, if done well, involves a good amount of moves and skin-to-skin contact, which then increase the temperature of the body and cause sweating. Sweat to detoxify the cleaning of all debris (dirt and bacteria) and excessive oil from the pores, so your skin healthy.

6. The Potential Decrease In U-Eye Circles And Swelling

No, sex is not a cheaper alternative to the eye cream you slather on your face every night, but did not give an eye cream is: sleep well at night. Both oxytocin and prolactin, two hormones released during and after orgasm, increased relaxation and drowsiness, which is why sex makes so many of us awake. (In other words, do not be too angry at your spouse when he rolled over and went to sleep afterwards.)

7. Nourishes The Hair And Nails Strong

Remember how the circulation of blood provide the body with moisture more efficiently? It also brings much needed nutrients to various parts of the body more quickly and-nutrition is responsible for growing strong nails and shiny, thick hair.

As if sex is not seeping in and of itself, improve the lot of beauty comes along with it.Don't you feel or had noticed?that sometimes a couple just got married and had a long marriage would seem that the changes that we even do not realize? As they will always look radiant?,the evidence shows that it really gives people a more youthful look.

Maybe we've been looking for the fountain of youth in all the wrong places. From there the luxury lotions and potions,So what are you waiting for?Forget all expensive beauty products and get a young and beautiful,and save an ancient way ..:).

See you in my next entry ..
Hopefully this post will benefit us all
Happy Reading!!!!..

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