How To Change "Post A Comment"Into An Image Or Text You Desire

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Do you get bored with the verse Post a Comment that has long displayed on your blog? You wanted to change the sentence to a sentence you like, such as Say Something, You Ask, I Answer or other. In addition, pictures can also be inserted as brighten not to look too empty.

Tutorial today is about How we can change that into an image or text you all desire..Let’s us begin the tutor..

Post Comment Title
Example Above

1. Login to Blogspot.

2. Select the Layout - Edit HTML (Check the box Expand Widget).

3. Download Full Template before editing the blog.

4. Find <data:postCommentMsg/> and replaced with the code below.


Note : Change the text written in Purple with your own image with your favorite text.

5. Save template..Done!!!

That its..see you next tutorial..

Credited To : Eryza
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