I Can’t Live Without You!

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Three days ago,I was busy all day long,so many customer’s paid bill that day. Aint got time to online.furthermore the computer of my colleagues was damaged on the same day, infected with the virus out of nowhere came from. So typing in the bill and work papers is in me, .. until I’ve got my fingers numb typing .. huhuhu .

5 pm, time to close the accounts, a very exciting time in every day.I'm afraid I lost cash, or about to be cut salaries tau..my salary just enough to eat ..hehe.Fortunately, so far has not been lost or lack of cash even though it is not my real expert in this matter to calculate.However,I am still grateful to get a job,and not only directly from sitting at home “goyang kaki”.Money will not catch us,but we should catch up.

After completion of all, I pack the important items in my the bag, I Usually, when come to work I will remove my wallet and cellphone out from my bag and put in my drawer.Retouch a little to cover tiredness .. jejeje!..

Arriving at the house, my sister want to borrow my cellphone.I told her to take in my beg and she said “Kak,mana ada cellphone mu dalam beg ni”.I thought my sister just joking, because she really likes joking.I do not believe in her words,”Macam mana vha ko cari ni,mari biar aq jak yang cari!”.I remove all the objects in the beg but still I could not find my cellphone.

Dup! .. dup! . . dup. .! My heart beat fast, I think the various of thing,"Alamak! jangan-jangan cellphone saya kena snatch agaknya masa dalam bas tadi?,ataupun tercicir kat tempat duduk ker?,tak pun tertinggal dalam laci?”.Adeh! tension time was,When I think back, it was my cellphone already store in the beg,but how is not in the bag?

Confused and worried It made me.Lost my appetite to eat.I always thought my missing cellphone..huhu..Sleepiness was gone
even though that time I really sleepy at all.I fell asleep in the morning about 3 am At dawn.

I pray that my cellphone was left in the drawer, if simply disappeared, I did not know was what would I do without a cellphone later .. Cellphone one of important things for me,because of the tense silence that accompanies me it is my cellphone.I really can not live without it.(adeh terlebeh sudah)..

The next day, I wake up earlier than usual,I want to come down early, before all up in the office, I might dropped my cellphone somewhere in the office.Once finished preparing and eating breakfast,I continued to go away for work.Arrive at the office,I continue to look for my cellphone,I was looking everywhere but still could not find it.My tears drop without me realizing it ..I cried like a little child,so childishs right! .. huhuhu ..Very sad at that time .. I love my cellphone, a lot of memories with it.

And finally, I got good news,that Am not losing my cellphone..My Boss seen my cellphone on a bench where I sat,and had taken it to be handed to me the next day.Almighty only knows how much I am very happy at that time because I have found my cellphone that I thought was lost..Rally can’t live without you ..my Cellphone!!!..:)
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