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Today we will learn a very simple and important tutorial , especially to those who have got a lot of content on your site, and if you want your blog to be easy for your visitors, a Back to the top or the link button on your blog will make it easier and faster for your visitors when it comes to fast surfing and browsing.So Let us begin the party!!!

As in the picture at the bottom of this? If possible I want to share all the tutorials I've ever made ​​in my blog ... sharing is caring ..mah..kan..kan…

Back To Top

1. Go To Dashboard> Design> Add Gadget> Html / Javascript

2. Ctrl + C to copy the code below and paste into it.

<a href='#' style='position: fixed; right: 1px; bottom: 10px;' title='back to top of page'><img height="80"img weight="30" src="Back To Top Image" height="80"weight="30" /></a>

* Part that highlighted with the purple color, please change the URL of your image.

4. then save and see the results.

blockquote-big-pinkNote : I have design some image Back To Top Button, If you like, you can use the picture below and choose color of your choice. blockquot-small-pink

twohearts Just Copy And Paste Those Code .

Back To Top Pink

Back To Top Purple

Back To Top Green

Back To Top Blue

Back To Top Yellow

Back To Top Red

Back To Top Black

Hope you like it …Happy Trying!!!!
Sharing The Love :)

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