Random Things Should Know About Me

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It's been a while I didn't post an entry.I was always busy at work.Furthermore,there is nothing that comes to my mind what to post...hehehe..But Today I was in mood to typing and I want to share such random things that you all should know about me.Whether some they know it or not..


lunapic_130077409412613_7Sherwina Abdulaup
lunapic_130077409412613_7Aged 27 years old ( getting older sudah)
lunapic_130077409412613_7Fanatics In Anything PINK
lunapic_130077409412613_7A woman who only 5-foot height and average size
lunapic_130077409412613_7Eldest Sister Among 9 siblings ( Wow! Big Family)
lunapic_130077409412613_7A woman who is very difficult to sleep at night ( insomnia they called it)
lunapic_130077409412613_7Like surfing the Internet, chatting online with friends
lunapic_130077409412613_7New Hobby Blogger,even still new in blogging world..
lunapic_130077409412613_7Love to singing and Dancing
lunapic_130077409412613_7Love to cooking and baking but not too good..
lunapic_130077409412613_7If there are mood swings, I like home decorating
lunapic_130077409412613_7A woman who is feared by  siblings and my other relatives..(ganas kot)
lunapic_130077409412613_7A woman who never bullied, but never stop bullying..jejeje
lunapic_130077409412613_7A female child was also spoiled by parents
lunapic_130077409412613_7When I said NO, the answer still a Big NO..No one can change it!
lunapic_130077409412613_7 A wife to Mr. Danny
lunapic_130077409412613_7aggressive a bit..:) ,stubborn (confirmed la vha)
lunapic_130077409412613_7Easy to anger ,Emotional and No Patient
lunapic_130077409412613_7Quiet but friendly people
lunapic_130077409412613_7Blurred Sometime
lunapic_130077409412613_7I assume my friends a as my own family(but some of them treat me as enemy..)
lunapic_130077409412613_7Love to listen to music, watching TV and movies during my leisure time.
lunapic_130077409412613_7Very fond of spicy food and the gravy one
lunapic_130077409412613_7Enjoy the food and soft drinks ( ex. Coke,Snack and chocolate )
lunapic_130077409412613_7A woman is moody type
lunapic_130077409412613_7A woman never stop looking for suceess
lunapic_130077409412613_7A woman who loves the little children
lunapic_130077409412613_7If there is a problem, and prefers to solve its alone,do not like to burden others.
lunapic_130077409412613_7I love to laugh until my family calling me the “Queen of Laughter”

There’s are a lot more about me that I might can not be listed all in one entry.Why don’t your turn to add?What is your assessment and what do you think of me?
Lastly..thanx for reading..muah!!!

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Sharing The Love :)


  1. wow!nice blog...choomel sngt blog nie....nice to meet u...i follow your blog okeyh!

  2. @MiSs ChUbBy ChEeK

    Thanx dear...
    nice to meet you too..

  3. Wow! banyaknya tentang dirimu..ihih.
    macam ada sedikit sbyk persamaan kita...:P
    sy pun suka decorating...ihih.

  4. @Zurina J.

    hehehe...saja jak vha tue dear..

    oh ko pun suka gak deco-deco kah..sama lah kita ..tapi aq deco lau ada mood jak..hikhik!!!


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