Contest Hijab Fashionista (Batch 2)

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Contest Hijab Fashionista Batch 2 From AyuCinta .One of my friend on FB who told me about this contest.She suggested me to join (adede mentang-mentanglah saya sudah bertudung sekarang..hehe).I then click in AyuCinta fan page on FB to find out more about the contest requirements .

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At first, I do not feel qualified to join this contest because the condition is only for customers s.a.c only..huhuhu so sad :(..but then my friend again told me that anybody can join as long as Like-ing the Fan Page of the owner.Yippie! without wasting any time I continue to upload my favorite pictures in the Fan Page.

I am so excited!..Opps! .. not for the prize tau..But all the Contestant will be judged by, those are  glamorous blog owner in blogosphere..Want To know Who Are They I mean ?

Hah! girls I am saying is true right ? .. So What You Are Waiting For,Let us join to spice up the competition..All Details are shows as follow;
Click Image To Zoom
Click Image To Zoom

Note : Lose Or Win , Does’nt Matter lah ..As long As I Enjoy Myself :)
Sharing The Love :)


  1. Gudluck ya...
    klau manang share hadiah sama aku...:p

  2. @Zurina J.

    Thanx dear..!!

    haha!! itu pun lau manang lah..kita potong dua itu shawls ngan baju..sebelah ko punya..hikhik!!

  3. ahah..ko baju aku shawls la ya...:P

  4. @Zurina J.

    bule vha lau ko dear..jan ko lupa like gmbr ku di sana yah..
    bawak rombongan sekali...hikhik!!!

  5. owh..okiess dear...:)
    nnti aku subuk² sana ya...:)


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