What's In My Bag ? ( Putri Malu Want To Know)

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Segment that has attracted me to join.Topic that is relevant to me .. Why ? ? ? ..Because I was not used when out anywhere without carrying my bag.No matter far or near the place to go.I will carry my bag everywhere and anywhere..

Let Us See the Answers to those Questions raised by Putri Malu ?

Putri Malu - “ Korang suka bawa beg tak? kalau ya, beg apa?”.

Pink Diva - Wherever I go, bags are always there with me.
I would like to bring a large bag and lots of pockets..hehe  Much space can be used later “.

Putri Malu - “ Kenapa anda suka bawa beg ke mana-mana? “ .

Pink Diva – “  To easier for me to fill in all the important items to bring along “.

Putri Malu - “ Senaraikan apa sahaja yang ada di salam beg anda. (jujur tau. ) “

Pink Diva – “ Hmm my wallet, cellphone, digital camera, mini notebook, pen, pendrive, memory card, cellphone charger, card-reader, make-up kit (as lip balm, lipstick.lipliner, pack powder, eyeliner, Mascara, perfume). Nail cutter, Pins, tissues, sanitary napkins, Panadol, ax oil (minyak kapak), candys, keys (rooms, closets and drawers in the workplace)”.

Wah! ..I carry a lot of things in my bag.No wonder, my shoulder fatigue always when I get home..hehehe

Ok Putri Malu,

I have joined your segment  .. hope you like it!

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  1. Congratz! New Wasaber. Follow all the Wasaberss to stay connected among Wasabers. ;)

    Oops! Logo WSB tidak kelihatan. Sila lekat ya. TQ!

    -krew WSB-

  2. @Zurina J.

    I wait to be approve first
    then put a the banner..hehe

    I will put it now:)


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