Chanteq BerHIJAB ( Lovely In hijab )

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I was diligently join segment lately..Only just for fun..also to cherish friends blog, and want to get acquainted with our other blogs. Segment that I will join this time around is a segment from "Chanteq hijab"The owner of this blog make Lucky Draw Introduction,because this blog is still new, there may be bloggers out there who are not familiar with them.

So guy’s what are you waiting for..Let’s Join the Lucky Draw..Who knows , You will be selected for this draw to take the present?..hehe..

As this segment asks us to put pictures in Hijab,so I will choose one of my Favorite Picture..jejeje


Want to Join? .. Please click on Image on the banner as show below.


chanteq berhijab
Ok Done..:)
Sharing The Love :)


  1. welkam wasaber!!
    lawa owh ko pkai tu shawl.
    ajar luk aku!

  2. hye dear.. good luck tau! :)

  3. @mr_mrs mikko

    Thanx Wasaber..!!!

    hehe..ko lagi pakar kali dari aq,Im still new in hijab..


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