Malaysia's National Anthem Humiliated By Indonesian

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Today I've got an email from one of my Facebook Friend regarding about Malaysia National Anthem been humiliated by Indonesian citizens,who uses the username MsTobat and has been uploaded on May 28, 2009.What a big surprised to me when I saw this video.This video might already upload by several years ago, but still hot spoken until now..Many some of them may already have known and saw this video..

This should not happen,because Malaysia and Indonesia are two neighboring countries.What a man wants to be with right now? Astaggfirullahalazim, so evil, who made this video.Videos like this will make people into fight and cursing each other.Regardless of Islam or not. Better delete this video.There's many other things we can do than this. As you can see with the image below..People cursing each other with words is not good to said thus contempt of their country themselves.

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For those who do not agree with this video, be patient, because patience is part of our faith. let just  the One True Almighty Allah S.W.T  reward them with what they have done..Wallahualam!!!

Tak kenang budi plak kan..padahal majoriti cari makan di Negara ini,tapi hina rakyat Malaysia..:(
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