20 Reason Intercourse For Health

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Today's entry a little weight, you need to open minded because this entries is about intercourse or in other wordis  sex.Actually, this issue is a guide to women's body (for women married only)where we will know a bit about the advantages relating to sex.There is no doubt, when you saw the word of "Sex", a variety of public perception, whether good or bad.But we have to accept the fact that both men and women need it..:)

In addition, sexual intercourse seems to have other health benefits. Beverly Whipple, PhD, RN, well-known sex researcher, and Professor Emerita of Rutgers University, lists the following benefits based on the evidence of sexual expression:

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1. Help you live longer.
2. Lower your risk of heart disease and stroke if you have sex twice/week or more.
3. Reduce your risk of breast cancer.
4. Bolster your immune system.
5. Help you sleep.
6. Make you appear more youthful.
7. Improve your fitness.
8. Help protect against endometriosis.
9. Enhance fertility.
10. Regulate menstrual cycles.
11. Relieve menstrual cramps.
12. Help carry a pregnancy to full term.
13. Relieve chronic pain.
14. Help reduce migraine headache pain in some individuals.
15. Improve quality of life.
16. Reduce the risk of depression.
17. Lower stress levels.
18. Improve self esteem.
19. Improves intimacy with your partner.
20. Help you grow spiritually.

I must confess that I am not gymnast in bed. Maybe because I'm bigger ,or Maybe because I don’t get sweat easily. Whatever, I do not always feel like I was getting a good workout right after that.But I will say that I am always more relaxed after some good intercourse. Those endorphins are for real. So whether you are a sensualist lazy like me, just enjoy your style, enjoy the physical sensations in your body and receive physical pleasure it can give you.
Orgasm is not just good - it's good for you.
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  1. Nice info.Thanx for sharing :-D

  2. @DD

    sharing is caring :) tq for drop in

  3. hi~ellO..^^, useful info,nice,i agree with num 5 the most..;)

  4. Hello diva,
    its really a very informative article for those who doesn't want to have this for some reasons and feel like guilty with the partner or have some bad thoughts about sex.

    keep writing something like this....

  5. @faLiaa

    Your most welcome dear..hehe,No.5 really works isn't it?..

    @It's all about knowledge

    Hai you too ... :)

    That was my goal too for this kind of entry, so that they realize that sex do have its advantages,not only as bad as they thought is..

    Anyway thanks for drop in..:)

  6. So informative, i believe many people find there ways from this article.

  7. Nice article, really we have to consider these matter and make sure they should be under control.

  8. Thanks for all the information. I really like the concept of this post and I feel that this is a very unique and rare information that you have managed to compile and hence I highly appreciate your post.

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  10. Excellent site. The information is really valuable and useful. It'll certainly help women a lot. It's amazing that you didn;t even missed micro details. Thanks for your effort to help others.

  11. Awesome post! Interesting info to know.Its hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic.

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