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Popular singer who is no stranger in the local art scene were also well known actor singer of Sabah Den Bisa has emerged with his duet album and he chose the popular singer of the Bajau Best Women Dyana
Yesterday afternoon,I went browse to Youtube to find a video that my sister requested me to download.My eyes were drawn to a video where it is a female singer and the song was also created and composed by the fame Bajau singer namely Den Bisa, where the song was also a craze among the fans of Bajau song and the female singer was named Dyana.

Actually before I've seen this video from Youtube,although I don't much understand the meaning of this song,but I was impressed with the rhythm of these women's voices.Her voice sound identical to the popular artists Dato Siti Nurhaliza and I am not the only one who says so, but many others.

My cousin had also tagged me on Facebook with her video, but I was too lazy to watch at the time..hehehe..My cousin said that we are knowing each other with these singers.But I don't believed ,she might try to trick me..But my cousin insisted for me to try to identify the woman's face.And after seeing clearly and carefully, it turns out we were confirmed to be.

Indeed!! she is Fauziah we know at the time of secondary schooling at the private Kolej As-Salam at here Sandakan Town.But what surprised me, she has removed a large mole on her nose.But there's one things that we can't forget about herself even though a mole was removed.let it secret then..Perhaps the name of Dyana she used now is only her glamorous name.

Me and my cousin is studying there for some reason..We had come for karaoke-ing at her home once, she's really interested in singing and especially that she made Dato Siti as her biggest idol.Even the way of style, expression on her face when singing seems like Dato Siti.And most interestingly,she can emulate Dato Siti voices when she's singing.We lost our communication until now after me and my cousin moved our study to the Philippines.

And who would have thought,now she has been adjudged as of the singer Best Bajau Women Dyana in Semporna as the beauty of her voices that is chosen for other great talent has a voice that could be considered unusual.Hopefully she will be gain more successful in the future..

Beautiful song from the invention of Den Bisa - Dyana Version..Let us all appreciate it!!!

Love this song much ..A very sad song :)
Sharing The Love :)

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  1. You see..am I right couz?

    mang dia kan tue si Fauziah,tapi dibuangnya sudah tahi lalat besar di hidung nya plak.


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