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July 18 was the first anniversary of this Pink Diva™'s blog, although a bit late due to extraordinary busy today but my mind will always remember the anniversary of this blog 1st birth anniversary..

Alhamdulillah, Syukran to Allah S.W.T, for the power and will,this day I still can enliven the world of blogosphere, hmmm how it felt so yesss ...

Finally today Its a birthday to my blog GURLALUSH.BLOGSPOT.COM for the first time, I still can not believe, can be like now ... I used to just imagine how good can have a blog and much visited by friends of bloggers on the globe especially from my Wasaber's Family. Armed with knowledge of the blogger friends I could finally make it happen.

On this day, I would like to express my gratitude to the all my bloggers friends that can not be mentioned one by one for the visit and comments.Who have provided me an inspiration, motivation, advice and constructive criticism on this blogs.

Hopefully, cooperation and friendship that we can continue on.Not forgetting also to my non-bloggers friends out there who have gave inspiration and shared information for this blog.

May in the future I can continue on this,Thus providing tangible benefits to all... Please advise, for the progress of this blog in the future, or drop some testimonials of satisfaction from the presentation of material in this blog yach..hehehe..

I intend to create a contest or give-aways in conjunction with the anniversary of my blog.but I had to delay it for some reason..:)
Happy Pink Diva 's Blog 1st Anniversary Hopefully more fatten and cute as blog owners...hahaha!!!
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  1. year sdh..
    congrats diva..
    hehe :D

  2. @echaRierie

    Yeah,finally dear. . Setahun sudah baby blog ku ni. . Thanx 4 da greet.

  3. yeah... congratulation.... :)

  4. yeah! happy birthday! ahahahaha

  5. Wow! its been a year already ko berblog kan..rajin sungguh:)

    Happy 1st Blog anni couz


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