Five People You Should Thank

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In those who are Muslims, of course, we already know we should be thankful to the almighty Allah S.W.T,as well as with other religions out there. But Every day of our lives, there are people whom we would want to say thank you. There might not be any reason why you should thank them, but you just really want to say thank you. Or maybe, just for simple things they did to you but left a significant impact to you.

However, there are times that you do not know how to thank them. In any way, you can't let the words come out from your mouth, or sometimes, you do not have the chance to show them. It is very thoughtful to be creative enough in expressing your appreciation. Here I have listed five of the many people that you must be thankful of and how to thank them.

pink01 Your Mom

She is such a wonderful person for giving you life in this world. Thank her for taking care of you everyday or perhaps the things she does by preparing your meals, washing your clothes, cleaning your room. Your mom deserves to be appreciated so much for the tough chores she is doing everyday. A simple hug and “I love you” will tenderly ease your mom's tired body.

pink02 Your Dad

The strength of the family depends so much from your father. He supports the family in many ways most especially through finances. He works hard to meet your family's everyday needs-your food, education, shelter, medicine, all. Maybe making him a cup of coffee and sitting with him on weekends will eventually bring him a peace of mind that you appreciate him.

pink03 Your Sister

She is just so sweet that she is cheering you up almost every morning you wake up seeing her in her cute pajamas. How to thank her? Helping her decide with what color of dress her Barbie doll should wear will delight her.

pink04 Your Brother

Though maybe very annoying at times for scattering the things everywhere and messing up with your phone, but you are glad that he is there to support you in times of trouble. Arcade games are fun, he might enjoy playing with you some time.

pink05 Your Friends | BoyFriend | GirlFriend

The most dear person for you who is there beside you whenever you have any heart problems that you can't share to your parents, adventures, having fun, anything. Though you don't agree with the other things sometimes, you are just happy that your friend listens and gives suggestions to you whenever you are confused.

There is no exact or right time when you should thank them. You can do it anytime, anywhere. Maybe you would also want to give them thank you gifts, something worthy that you want them to remember you everytime they see it. I would love to help you decide on what things are appropriate for each one of them.

For your mom, fashion purses is the best. You might want to add her collections of it. You can also check there a nice gift for your friend that would seem look nice to her. For your dad and your brother, maybe a shirt or a  cap, just check these gifts for men that suite their personality. And for your little sister, try to see these gifts for kids that are really cute.

For those who only child in their family,your lucky .. Do Appreciate your parents..:)
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  1. Don't have siblings... but still there's a lot of other people I shud thank. U never know when u might lose them rite.

  2. @SimplySeoul

    Wow!! the only daughter erk?..
    yeah that rights dear,not only to thanking them but also to apologize ..Who knows we might done something that may hurt them..:)


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