Six People Including A Child Died Burned

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Sandakan : Six dead after a house burned in the village of Jawa 2 at Mile 12 near Sandakan on fire earlier today.

Five victims were adults and one child.

Sandakan Fire and Rescue Superintendent alias Abu said the ministry has not been able to identify the victim.

The body of all those who are sent to the Duchess of Kent Hospital, Sandakan for the post-mortem to identify them, he said.

He said the department received an emergency call about the fire involving the house at 1:15 am. He said the two machines with 18 firefighters sent to the crime scene and managed to control the fire at 2:41 am.

He said the fire was brought under control, the bodies of all victims were charred body was found in the framework of the destroyed houses were burnt.

He said the house was destroyed the entire structure burned to the top floor of two-storey houses also collapsed down.

Alias ​​said the cause of the fire is under investigation and the Forensic Unit of the Fire and Rescue Department sent to the crime scene today to conduct an investigation.

Listen to this news, I was sad for the fire victims.Actually, my father knew each other with the victim,he just stopped by and having a chat conversation with my father at shop the day before the incident happened.

The late was a father to a doctor in Sandakan ,named Doctor Mansur.Victims in the fire, including their maid.

According to sources, the house occupied by the victim are used an electronic system including the house gate.After the fire broke out in the house,the electricity in the house is cut off which caused the victim can not open the gate use the remote control.The public can not enter the house to give help because the gates are being hot.

Indeed, all these events in Almighty hands..No human can stop it from happen..Allahu Akbar !! Here we can see the greatness of the almighty Allah S.W,.T..

Hopefully we learned something from all this... Condolences For Dr. Mansur and Family,Let us together remit Al-Fatihah to the family of Dr. Mansur, who was back facing the Almighty.May the late spirit are grace and placed among the righteous..Amin!

If a wooden house is on fire, probably all the victims can escape kan..Wallahualam
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  1. Ya kakak saya bgtau tu Dr.Mansur punya family. His parents, his adik prmpuan n husband n child. and maid.

    Kesian kan. Al-Fatihah

  2. @Cinoi

    Betul tu dear..memang kesian ..tapi apa boleh buat kan,dah itu nasib mereka.

    Kita hanya mampu berdoa dan mengucapkan takziah kepada keluarga Allayarham. Semoga roh Allahyarham dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang soleh.

    Al Fatihah


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