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We heard about the importance of drinking enough water constantly. On the other hand, there has been a growing trend in the media lately that the generally recommended eight glasses of water every day is a myth, which is technically accurate, but not the whole story. Do you need eight glasses of water each day, or four or ten, most people do not get the message that whatever their particular needs water, they did not meet with them.

And even nutritionists, dietitians and medical professionals contributed to the problem by telling people that they get enough water in their diet in the form of fruits and vegetables. That may be true for some people, but after assessing the diets of many people, I assure you that does not happen for most people.

Have you ever noticed that when you throw vegetables in a pan and turn on the heat you’ll see liquid in the pan soon afterward, and then shortly after that you’ll see steam rising from them? That’s because you’re literally cooking the water out of the vegetables.Researchers estimate that half of the world's population is chronically dehydrated.

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More than two-thirds of your body weight is water. Without enough water your body's biochemistry and electricity (electricity yes, read till end!) Process began to break. List the reasons your body needs plenty of water as the functions in your body, because of space restrictions, here are 10 good reasons to drink more water:

pink01  Your blood is over 80 percent water and needs water to make healthy new blood cells.

pink01  Your bones are over 50 percent water and, you guessed it, need water to make healthy new bone cells.

pink01  Drinking more water actually helps lessen pain in your body by getting your lymphatic system moving. The lymphatic system is a network of nodes, tubes, vessels, and fluid that move waste out of your tissues. It requires water to function properly.

pink01  Water helps to eliminate wastes and toxins from your body through the lymphatic system, kidneys, and intestines.

pink01  Water lubricates your joints and helps reduce joint pain and protect against wear and tear.

pink01  Water regulates your metabolism so if you’re overweight chances are you may need more water.

pink01  Water balances body temperature.

pink01  Water helps to ensure adequate electrical functioning so your brain and nervous system function properly. Your brain and nervous system send out electrical signals to function properly. Researchers estimate that your brain gives off about the same amount of electricity as a 60 watt light bulb. So, there’s some truth to the image of a light bulb going on when someone has a good idea.

pink01  Water alleviates dehydration (and I’ve already mentioned that most people are chronically dehydrated).

pink01  Every cell and organ in your body requires adequate water to function properly.

Many people spend their days in the fresh state of dehydration. Should be much less liquid than they consume. Water is composed of approximately 60% of the body. This is basic survival. If you live in the island, pure drinking water first strand.

So, one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your health is to start drinking more pure water every day. Be sure to drink water an empty stomach or you’ll simply be diluting your digestive enzymes and making your digestion less effective.

And, choose purified water as much as possible. In wealthy, developed nations with plentiful access to water, we really have no excuses for not drinking enough water.

Throughout this fasting month, drank more plenty of water, because our bodies need it for doing our daily work.
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  1. yeah ..tidak buli kalau tidak minum air dalam sehari pun sa minum banyak air lebih dari 8 gelas

  2. @beaty
    Thats True Dear..air memang penting in our daily life..

    Tiba jak waktu sungkai,confirm air terus yang saya tejah tue..biar ndak makan,janji minum air..

  3. saya akan pastikan saya minum air yang cukup..:)


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