Dizziness Or Illness During Pregnancy

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In the joy of my pregnancy now,various kinds of pain I felt daily, among which is unbearable dizziness.Other signs, Alhamdulillah I still can retained.The last time I nausea in 5 days ago.Nauseous? thank God not so bad with other pregnant women out there..Luckily, my work is not how much for the time now.(macam tau2 jak saya ndak sihat..).

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For those who are pregnant, planning pregnancy, the wives and husbands, women who will marry .. Let us together share this information..hehe:)

Those non-pregnant conditions, headaches or dizziness is very disturbing your daily activities. especially if the problem faced by pregnant women. Increasing body weight and a host of other changes experienced during pregnancy makes the discomfort is increased.

If not pregnant, sore lump can be overcome with a medication. But, during pregnancy, are not allowed to take any medication because it will have adverse effect on the baby.

Types and Causes of Headaches During Pregnancy:

pink01  Changes in hormones and blood circulation to happen to the blood changes. If pregnant women to make a hard work and rush can cause decreased blood supply to the head.

pink01  Anemia (deficiency of red blood cells). Oxygen supply should be carried by red blood cells to the head down.

pink01  Stress at work or other mental stress can cause headaches and dizziness because of the tension.

What You Need to Know?

If the headache is not accompanied by blurring of vision and excessive swelling of the body, it is not a problem to worry about. The signs are disturbances of migraine or pre-eclampsia. In addition, do not worry if the headache is not accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen and bleeding as a sign of pregnancy outside the womb.

How to overcome it and prevent it?

pink01  Calm your body regularly for blood flow running smoothly and sufficient rest.

pink01  Decrease activities that can be very stressful, try to face the problems of life and stop any activity if health does not permit.
pink01  Eat foods that contain nutrients and less of foods that excited for stomach disorders such as spicy and fatty foods because it can prevent the incidence of headache.

When the headache attack, lie down slowly lower the head position of the heart or lie down, and Oxana both legs with a pillow in a few minutes, make movement painful.

Sources from : the internet and advice from the experts.

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  1. mungkin sbb ank pertama.. :)

    dlu msa mak mngndung ank kmbr, sy yg loya tiap ari..huhuhu

  2. this is very useful for my future..hehehe..who knows right. :p
    take care of your pregnancy yeah ^^

  3. waa...congrats for pregnancy dear!!!
    i wonders how if i'm getting pregnant, i maybe gonna be excited than other..hehe..

    be take urself dear..take enough rest, don't do vigorous or heavy activity, proper diet and sleep..and don;t forget to pray Allah for ur safety....happy to hear this dear!

  4. congrats sis.. x sabar tungu mu turn..huhu

  5. Alhamdulillah..
    berkat sbr menunggu kan dear..hihi..

    take care ok..
    ndalama jd macik sini blog..hihi..

  6. aminnnn...dh selesai penat2 hempas pulas keluar masuk tarik lepas, akhirnye preg jgk! semoga baby tu sihat :)

  7. Kadang2 husband pun ikut mengidam hehe..

  8. hi sheng,
    normal la tu dizziness...sabar ja, semua mom pun ada experience mcm2 time preggy...jgn stress2... ;)

  9. I hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy PD :)

  10. Semoga sentiasa sihat k..lambat dah komen ni, sori sbb lama tak lawat sini...

  11. WAH ! tahniah lah . =) jaga kesihatan amat penting.

    btw follow u. sama-sama kita sokong blog sabahan ! hehe.


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