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Speaking of accessories for the little ones,makes me so excited.Although this is my first child, It does not mean I don't know the things needed that must be there before the baby arrives tau..As far as my sister and sister-in-law pregnant, I accompany them to buy essentials for their infants..So that's made me know a bit about this lol ..

I can not wait to buy my coming soon child needs.Called me crazy,because in every month,I've never missed a single things,I must bought something for my baby..hahaha!!!

Don't know why, when I saw the tiny socks it makes me happy..Sometimes made me shed a tears without me realizing it...Perhaps it is normally the maternal instinct in every woman..

Tips for choosing baby products usually focuses on the element of moisture in the product.As well as for myself, I prefer products "Avon Baby Product" because of its fragrant and moist products to baby's skin,non-sticky and scent longlasting.Can't wait to use this product to my little one..jejeje excited :).

This product was launched, since the year 2010.My mother is an active avon representative.So any new product from avon, my mother will promote it to us.. For me...It is baby product that all mommies out there MUST try.....

For the baby, I completed all the accessories and toiletries in a basket..

Here is a list of accessories that I have prepared for the baby so far..
  1. Baby Avon Product (Wash & Shampoo,Lotion,Cologne and soothing oil)
  2. Avon Grooming Kit (comb,nail,& brush )
  3. 10 Baby Clothes Set From Fiffy (T-shirt,Long-Sleeve,Pants,Cap,Mittens,Booties and Bib)
  4. Bedding Set (pillows,bolsters and mattress)
  5. Receiving Blanket & Towels (perfect for keeping your little one warm and dry)
  6. Fiffy Wet Tissue (Specially formulated in a solution to gently clean and moisturize your baby's delicate skin)
  7. Buds & Swabs Cottons.
  8. Cloth & Pampers Diapers.
  9. Eucalyptus or Yu Yee Oil (to avoid and relief of colds)
  10. Johnson Baby Powder (for the baby's body)
  11. Johnson Baby Oil Mild (for the baby's hair)
  12. Diapers Cream (for preventing nappy rash)
  13. Baby Tummy Binders (to keep your new born baby's tummy warm and protected)
  14. Mopiko (Relief of itching and irritation due to mosquito/insect bites)
  15. Bebiku Telon Ointment (Traditionally used for babies to cure puffed-up stomach and to warm up the body after bath)
  16. Vicks Vaporub ( medicine which provides symptomatic relief from blocked nose, cough, muscular aches and pains due to colds)

I've decided to wait for the little baby grow up , then plan to buy baby cot..Afraid later when I buy early but the baby doesn't like to sleep in cot,such a waste kan..Besides,I feel uncomfortable letting the baby sleep in a cot alone..huhuhu..

Am on my Week 35 today..Now that D-day (that's delivery day) is sneaking up on me, I start to get nervous about what a literal pain in the you-know-what it'll be. But instead of focusing on the "OUCH!" of it all, I'll better focus on the "OOOH!" of it.. Meeting my baby for the very first time..

Thats all for today..till my next entry..Thanx for reading!!
I must master the lessons of "HOO-HOO-HOOOO" breathing for now..pray for me guys!
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  1. whooooooaaaa...u make me excited to be a mum oo dear...hee..

    anyway,be take care there dear..

  2. Hi there, just became aware of your blog thru Google,so interesting so good , i realy enjoy your blog ,nice site!


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