Week 32 | Overweight Increase

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Its been a several days I did not write anything in this blog ..Actually a lot of things I wanna to tell, lots of ideas to be shared and many issues to be peeled right.But there's no mood for typing..hehehe:)

Finally, it almost time.. 8 weeks left.. Some friends told me that usually it will only end at 36 weeks, but I do hope so much that the baby will wait until 40 weeks.. Please…!!

My belly was getting bigger that people began to realize it and they like to touch .. Hehehe .. I remember how I like to touch the belly of pregnant women before.

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But still many people say that it is still small compared to how it should be. Actually, it must be because I have the average size of body before, so most of the baby part hidden in me.Unlike as other pregnant thin women..

During my prenatal check-up last week, doctors discovered that I have exceeded proper weight.In two weeks, my weight increased by 2.5 kg..Shocked huh ? !!.

Hmmm..don't know lah...

Since two weeks ago, my appetite decreased badly,I don't even take any foods or snack after my breakfast..I only drinks much of plenty water..then at night,I only ate small amount..but sudden weight gain as well..

My doctor asked me to come to clinics every of (2)two days to check my blood pressure.Afraid,I might have hypertension later,hazard for pregnant women.It was already known that being overweight increases risk of gestational diabetes (high blood sugar) in moms, which can lead to health problems for the newborn.

Doctor still encourage me to lose more weight and make sure that I should control my eating habit from now on.

Next week,I will attend for my next prenatal check-up,but this week will be bit different from the previous week..Doctor will tell me to take glucose water to check my glucose level...

Yuck!!!The most irritating part.. I used to prayed before, in order not to get to this stage when I get pregnant. Certainly, many pregnant women do not like this part too.. But what can I do..for the sake of my little one,I had to overcome it..:(

Well, that's all for now .. Later I will tell more in another post ...GTG...
If you’re thinking about becoming pregnant, try to get (or keep) your weight down to a healthy level.
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  1. kna mnum glukos mcm mama sy dulu..huhu

    nda bole mkn apa2 b4 that..serious, tsiksa nmpk..huhu

    sis, smoga shat2 ja..Amin.. :)

  2. minum susu aa dear..mkn mesti mau di utamakn..

  3. Stay strong sis. Maybe u worried that's why you lost your appetite. Take care sis.


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