2nd Wedding Anniversary

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And chronicle date appears once again this year ..18th April..
Just this year it brings a chronicle of aberration to both of us.Because Insyallah, in less than 17 days to go we will be able to hear the cries of our first baby.

Unlike the previous year, there's were NO celebrations this year .. hmmm.. Means No dinner out, No cake and etc. .. hehe..(Even my 28th Birthday on last March 10,I didn't celebrate it as well..:()

Probably due to my pregnancy and too easily get tired to go out anywhere from home..

Even just want to cooked has become a heavy burden as well for me .. Standing for long periods makes me feel I want to fall to the ground....jejejeje!!!

Can I suppose imagine like that?

Whatever, the excitement this year more than usual and of course sometimes there is a feeling can't not wait for this baby out ..But we need to be patient because we want this baby really mature and there is no health problems before our baby born later..

Hopefully it is safe and running smoothly as planned .. 

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary !!! for both of us ..:)
Celebration,Out for dinner,Cake and Gifts will be saved in the coming year ...insyallah!!!
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  1. hope that everything`s gonna be fine.. Amin.. :)

    hepi anniversary n hepi belated bday sis.. ^^

    may Allah bless.. :))


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