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Work is a work..,but we still need to spend a little time to decorate the space of office.After all, every year we did it and this year only I could do about this post..(Kalo ndak buat macam ndak sah)..But previously,we just bought "Ready Made Ketupat" jew..hehehe..No one knows to weaving "ketupat"..Its difficult for me to learned how to make ketupat on my own.So by this early ramadhan,I tried my best until I made it at last..(Tapi ketupat yang simple jew)..Alah!! doesn't matter lah,at least it looks like "ketupat" to us..hahahaha!!!!

So,we start to decorate and beautify our respectively space to welcoming the Eid soon..There are many types of " Ketupat"..There are type of onions Ketupat,Satay & the Glamour Ketupat"..(Glamour ketupat belum pandai buat..:))..If you want your "Ketupat" look lively,choose two interesting colors of ribbon.

As a result as you can see below,..How it looks like guys?..jejejeje..

Ketupat Made By Me

There's more "Ketupat" I need to do,for once for all to decorate at home as well. Really feel the spirit of Hari Raya,weaving ketupat while accompanied by a Raya Song.This week,everybody doesn't feel to work anymore,all in Raya Mood jew..Have to seek a long holiday lah, for a grand Raya later..

jeng..jeng...simple dimple jew :)

What about the preparation you all guys ? hehehe..
Sharing The Love :)


  1. ni nma ja melayu tp nda pndai lgsung buat /hias ketupat..kawan sy yg non lg pndai dr sy..huhuuu

  2. @Akue Achik hehe..saya baru jak blajar ni dear..blajar actual lebih better.

  3. i know how to make ketupat...but i think my skills are rusty.

  4. @SimplySeoul Don't say so dear, because nowadays many women who could'nt make ketupat,even though your skills rusty, at least you can. So be proud of it..:)

  5. Very beautiful. You do set aside some time to make ketupats :)

  6. I also love those creative craft that you made to decorate your home office and glad to know that you choose pink as theme color.


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