Raya Holidays

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Speaking of holidays,certainly many like it, right?..Raya holidays this year is on Sunday and Monday, August 19 to 20, 2012. Is shifted to next Tuesday..

Marked In Red Pen Is My Eid Vacation

I had applied for Raya holidays last month @ before the month of Ramadan ..Wah!! too early kan..kan...? I've had to apply early,I don't want to be like last year, other staff may leave longer than me...huhuhu..

The year before, I just take a short vacation.Just for 3 or 4 days.But this time, I take leave a little longer.Public holidays 3 days + 6 days of annual leave,total of 9 days ..My leave will be on 18th,this coming Saturday equivalent to the 28th of Ramadan..Wow!!! very long vacation I am this year..Yahoooo!!!!!!

I took a long vacation with reason tau..due to my husband's aunts who is raised him since he was child,so eagerly ask us go to K.K for Eid,bring along BB Aril..Of course lah..(takkan lah mau kasik tinggal si BB plak..)..hehehe..Why this year only I thought about this?..As the year before, I have not become mothers yet and I also avoiding them asking me when I would get pregnant thus give child for my husband..(Tak ker sedih hati saya bila dorank tanya cam tu)..ok cut that out..So now,I brave to face them already lah,(dengan bangga nya lagi tue..)....whahahaha!!!!!!

However the first,second & third Eid we will spend at my parents house..The fourth Eid and so on we will take a bus go to K.K and spend Eid there at my husband aunt' house until 7th Eid..

To those who haven't apply for their Raya holidays,hurry up before its too late.And for those who is going back to their village, drive safely yach.."biar lambat asalkan selamat"..Don't be hasty,..Remember your loved ones...For those who are married, Avoid fighting to each other because of scrambling in welcoming Eid in their respective villages,You both should be tolerated to each other like Eid this year,at husband's village.Then next year,wife's village and so on in every year,Only then celebrate the Eid with joy...

How about you guys? already sets-up your holidays for this coming Eid ? ..Planned your Raya Holidays wisely..

While we have fun in the morning of Shawwal,Do not forget those who's less lucky.Stretch out your hand, lighten the load.
Salam Aidilfitri

Sharing The Love :)

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  1. saya balik jumaat ni..tak sabar!! :)))


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