A Very Wonderful Journey

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I haven’t update my blog for so long..There’s no time instead of I’m lazy to post entry…I have given my entirely diligent to my work & to my one and only lil man..hehe:).I had taken many photos,but due to busy that never run out,desire to do post are always deferred until today..

I think I once said in one of my previous post,that I will be a fulltime Bloggger.(Did I ?)..Unfortunately,I broken the promise,So maafkan ku saja deh..

Looks Like I’ve got to change to be a partime blogger for now due to seldom posting entry..

By the way,talking about my lil man .. now he's 10 months old.Having a baby is wonderful, rewarding, pure love, there is nothing like it in the world. Motherhood is the best thing that ever happened to me :).The sleepless everything that is involved, I have no regrets and I have no worries that my son takes up my life, I enjoyed my life did what I wanted and motherhood is now me.Seeing my lil man from rolling over, crawled, toddled and walked, give joy invaluable to me.Aril presence in my life almost a year, changing many things in my daily life.It’s not always easy being a mother.Aril's alone is hard me to control, What more those Mother who have many children.

As my mom said “"When a woman became a mother, all of the behaviors, ways of thinking and conversations will be noticed.Is not the attention to others but to her own child. Therefore, all our behavior and conversations should be treated as a parent is the best example to their children. That's the change I made ​​after becoming a mother as I want my child to be a admirable man someday..amin ya rabbal alamin.

"Aril had learned to call me 'Ammi' Although not the correct pronunciation of 'Mummy', it was quite satisfying me."


Watching him smile at me when I came home from work,All things that made ​​me tired, lost for a moment..That’s all for now!!..Tadaaaaa….
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