I Choose Malaysia

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I feel good today,so I choose to update entry..:)..What?..Yeah I know,all bloggers posting in same title on their post with “ Aku Pilih Mengundi”..so I wanna be differ lah kan…ahakzzz!!!

Alhamdulillah!!..I was listed in this year PRU13 general election.This is the first time I'm going to vote after some time not doing this duty.Pardon me for my neglect to perform the duties as a good Malaysian citizens.However on this awareness I have been registered as voters (2)two years ago and has now listed.


I feel scared, excited, happy, and so forth by this coming election..Firstly,I haven’t experience on how to vote..hehehe..Secondly,I heard all sorts of rumors,have freakin me out as well.Luckily my family is there to encourage me to do what I must to do as an Malaysian.”Apa kaw mau takut,banyak juga itu polis mengawal sana tempat mengundi”.My mom said.

Then I asked my Dad,” Pah,aku mau undi sapa juga nanti ?..”Kaw undi lah pemimpin yang boleh beri manfaat pada rakyatnya",Dad replied..I went to kitchen and asked for my mom opinion.”Mah,nanti pilihanraya ni aku mau undi apa ? She replied “ Undi yang beragama Islam”.Adei!! Pening kepala saya buat keputusan.Wait for that day lah,then I think what will I choose to vote..hahaha!!!

As for me,whoever the leader is,my life remains the same although there may be little difference kot..:).People are busy talking about corruption here and there.For me, it was I believe about but we have to believe that not all of them is doing that..

Hopefully this year's elections take place in a peaceful without any problems.

For those who have qualified, immediately signed up and do your job as a Malaysian citizens..ngee..:)

Who do you think will win?..

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