My 1st Mother's Day

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Last year,my due was in early May.I really hope that I could became a mother before the day of Mother's Day.,I mean,I will be giving a birth to Aril before the day is arrived.Unfortunately, my wish in vain.(Aril tak mau kuar lagi time tue..)hehehe..:)

This Sunday will be my first Mother’s Day and I am very excited about having a day to celebrate all that I have accomplished this past year. Thinking about my first real Mother’s Day, I have been remembering all of the accomplishments I have attained as a mother so far, and I am actually very proud of myself.

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My Motherly Accomplishments:

• Childbirth thru c-section,pain for a months.

• Successfully breastfeeding my baby through 11 months & 27 days (Aril 1 year old age in 3 days to go).

• Waking up every two hours at night every night for a month.

• Not going crazy due to sleep deprivation.

• Keeping my baby healthy & clean.

• Bathing the baby in less than 2 minutes.

• Understanding the different meanings for my baby’s various noises

• Learning to fall into a deep sleep quickly yet wake up at the slightest squeak from my baby

Making this list has really brightened my day and brought up some wonderful memories. Why don’t you mommies out there try making a list for yourself? Remember all that you have accomplished that is deserving of this Mother’s Day celebration and it might boost your mood also.

So this year,Mother's Day is much meaningful for me..which I celebrate the Mother's Day for my mom & for myself as well as I titled a mother now on..

Lastly,appreciate your Mother's while they is still there with you..Respect Them & Love Them with all your heart..

Happy Mother's Day To Me

And to All Mother's out there..:)
Sharing The Love :)

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