15 Days To Go Before Ramadhan

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Assalamualaikum to all my beloved bloggers, may peace be with you all. I’m sorry I’ve been missing for a while now.I’ve just been extremely busy with work recently.

15 days more to go, we will welcoming the arrival of the highly anticipated blessed month throughout the year, is the month of Ramadhan.And I’m sure ,many of you will agree when I said so,is it ?..
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I Feels just yesterday only we passed the Ramadan of last year, now it is nearing soon. kan..kan..:)I’m so very excited.I love everything in Ramadhan, the month became my passion,where I feel very closer to Allah S.W.T…cheh alim lah sangat.
"It has come to you the Ramadhan, a blessed month. Allah has made it compulsory to you to fast. In that Allah S.W.T opened the doors of heaven and shut the gates of hell. "(HR. Ahmad).
Pray that Allah SW.T,will give us the opportunity to meet with the month of Ramadan in good health.Because with good health, we can perform optimally worship .Ramadhan is very short,so fill each day with valuable practice, that can clean up, and get closer to Allah S.W.T.
From Anas bin Malik r.a. said, that the Messenger of Allah S.W.T  when in the month of Rajab and prayed,
"Allahuma baariklanaa fii Rajab Sha'ban wa, wa balighnaa ramadhaan. O Allah, bless us in Rajab and Sha'ban, and give us the month of Ramadan. "(HR by Ahmad and Thabrani).
Let us strive to live Ramadan this time better than ever & May Allah S.W.T accept all our efforts..insya Allah.

So guyz,are you prepared for Ramadhan 2013/1434?.
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