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Salam Ramadhan ..Realizes it or not, today is Day 4 of Ramadhan,days gone by too fast is it?..Anyway, how was you all guys Ramadhan activities going on? I hope it all went good! As for mine, all goes great. Alhamdulillah!!!..I'’m still survived fasting so far although gastric hit me every day.

I don’t know why ramadhan this year, my gastric  suddenly came.Years before, no such thing like this was happening to me.Maybe this is what Allah S.W.T alleged to me,so I had to pleased & stronger to face it.

Perhaps many are saying “ ala alasan sahaja tue ndak mau posa kan,pura2 sakit gastrik"..But you totally wrong.I’m not that kind tau.My parents already get us used to fasting since we 6 years old of age,So everytime when Ramadhan came we all are excited welcoming the most awaited & blessed month,unless there are obstacles that do not allow us to do so.

Luckily,I found some useful information on this blog,upon browsing the internet yesterday.It gives tips & hints to prevent gastric.This article helped me a little less gastric pain,Alhamdulillah..

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Till next time ..Happy fasting & Salam Ramadhan al-Mubarak everyone! =)
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