My Last Working Day | 31.12.2016

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After almost a 6 great years,Today is a special day for me,which is today is my last working day.It’s been a memorable journey filled with numerous types of customers,great former and present colleagues,unforgettable voyages,lots of hard work, number of successful projects and plenty of fun along the way.It may sound like a cliché,but it was simply more than a job for me!

Selfie sakan for our last day
On top of that,my work here has shaped me into a person I am today and for that I’ll be forever grateful. But first,now it’s time for a farewell mini party with my colleague and then I’ll be going for 1 to 3 month rest to fully recharge before the fresh start.So,I’ll continue my career change for more challenges.

Simple Cake
Fast Food On the go
Now it’s simply time for fresh challenges in order to write a new chapter in my book of life.I’m so excited about the new adventures may come for me in the future.

My Amigas Partner In Crime..hahaha!!!

Once again, I would like to THANK YOU all for making this story special in one way or another and looking forward to stay in touch. All the best!

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