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Who likes eating watermelon, raise your hands? A friend sent an email to me this morning and its about favorite foods of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W .There's one of his favorite foods has attracted my attention.

Want to know what foods I mean? Alright .. continue reading until the end ok..hahaha!!!!

The following are his favorite foods..

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  1.  Barley - Good for fever if made soup.
  2.  Dates - The Prophet said that the house has no dates are set house with no food.
  3. Canned fruit - The fruit of heaven. Can treat hemorrhoids.
  4. Grapes - He likes grapes. It cleanses the blood, strengthens the kidneys, cleaning the stomach.
  5. Honey - It is the food of all food, a drinks for all drinks, cure for any illness. Treat diarrhea if mixed with hot water, open the appetite, strengthens the stomach, eliminating phlegm. Drink in the morning with warm water.
  6. Watermelon (All Types) - The Prophet said, pregnant mom wouldn’t failed to give birth to children in terms of both characters and face.
  7. Milk - The Prophet said, milk is good to get rid of body heat like throwing hands sweat from his forehead. Strengthens back, brain repair, renew eye, discard forgetfulness.
  8. Mushrooms - Good for the eyes and also for family planning
  9. Olive oil – Skin and hair treatment, delaying aging, treatment of gastritis.
  10. Pomegranate - Cleaning the body from the devil & the whispers of Satan for 40 days.
  11. Vinegar - The Prophet used to drink with olive oil (a popular trend in the Italian restaurant).
  12. Water - The best drink among all drinks . If you are thirsty, water should be sucked slowly..Never in one go..You’ll easy to get sick at heart.
Back from work this afternoon, I’ll stop at the fruit market..I want to buy watermelons lah juga..
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  1. wahhh..mummy wanna be..
    bha..byk2 mkn w/melon la ni..hihi..
    smoga kesihatan baik2 ja..amin :)

  2. oh ya ka, tp, kasi kuat kencing ba tu kan. hhahaha.mmg aku suka tu mkn watermelon. tp, thn2 la sbb jadi tetamu tandas. hihhi.

  3. Buah-buahan mmg sesuai utk wanita mengandung,..jaga kesihatan baik2 ok :)

  4. Watermelon, looks tempting and yummy. what could be better that that.


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