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In conjunction with my first ever BOTW this week, I decided to select my hard working bloggers whom comment a lot this week ..I browsed upon this blog one day and what hit my eye instantly were the humor in the entries he has made ​​me laugh alone..

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So today's Blog Of The Week #1 goes to.....(
Unique name of this blog right?..He is kinda of sleepy head,Love to sleep thats why he name his blog like that..

Isn't He's cute ?..:P

This blog was owned by Adik Gua.This was his second blog account since the previous Blog was Hacked by those who envy him probably..Felt sorry for him..:(

His blog actually full of elements that can not be read by minors or in the other words under-age.Only those who are open-minded are allowed into this blog including me..hahaha!!..

But If you're insist to come in,well there nothing wrong with that..And I'm pretty sure Adik Gua welcoming you all to enter his blog..kan..kan..?

And here's a fun-fact that for me gives his the edge : He replies to EACH and EVERY comment. I love bloggers who do that!

Make sure you pop over to Adik Gua and take a peek :)

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Sharing The Love :)


  1. wallawwei..ty kak..terharunye gua ade org review ttg gua :D hehehe, ni kne kipas akak ni mcm ni..

    p/s: pns kak? ni gua kasi aircond dh ni..

  2. @Gua Tertidur

    Hahaha!!!..akak rase adik should kipas yourself..kang panas stim lagi la..jejejeje:P

  3. hahahahaha..ty ye kak..serious gua terharu,,huhu..bye2, gua BW n reply komen mlm..nk ke taman layang2! weee..

  4. @Gua Tertidur

    Taman layang2 huh?..hehe..k enjoy the!

  5. huhu..syok main layang2 tau :D

  6. uyyy couz..saya mahu juga vha..


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